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   Who We Are
    Roja Combines
      It is a movie production company having 17 years of experience
    Rojacomines TV serial Production
      Have produced" Neela Vanam" Tamil Mega Serial, Telecasted at Sun TV
    Rojacombines Event Management company
      Conducted Mega Star Night show With All Tamil Cine Artists
    Rojacombines Real Estate
      Has signed big projects Chennai and Bangalore
  Our Future Ideas
  The Movie Pattanathil Bootham
  A Few Words About Us  
  Kajamydeen, Successfully organized the Mega hit Star night show participated by everyone in the tamil film industry includes Kamalhasan and Rajinikanth in the year 2002 in Malaysia and Singapore for the benefit of Film Artist Association. Once again he organized mega hit show at Dubai and London for tamil film producer council during the year 2003.  

He won the best producer award for five times from FILM FAN club.

Mr. Kajamydeen was the vice president for the Tamil Film Producer Council for 4 years and he has been served 6 years as a Treasurer
Latest Project
Currently we were into the Pattanathil Bootham movie remake activites
  Our Latest Project  
  The Movie Pattanathil Bootham  
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